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Related post: Date: Tue, 23 Aug nude 12year old girl 2011 13:44:53 +0100 From: Micheal Chukwu Subject: Remember Me I Don't Know You, Do I? He had been in Thunder Key exactly four hours and thirty-two minutes when he first saw him. On that first day at the Shark and Fin, Ron Bradshaw hadn't believed his eyes. He had left teens 15 years sex the beachside and grill without touching his drink. He had gone back to the bungalow he 14 year girl porno had rented -- the same bungalow where they had spent their honeymoon more than two years ago -- and almost convinced himself that he had gone crazy. The second day Ron made contact with him. He was behind the bar. His blond hair was rather long, the same as always; almost touching his shoulder. Sexy. It swished behind him where he had parted it into two -- the upper part porno 15 year old was tied together and the lower part was left to flow down. He looked up at him and met his eyes. No flicker of recognition. Nothing. Just... wide open eyes. A scar along his hairline, above one temple, thin, pale was barely visible but familiar. The same leather bracelet with a silver buckle encircled his wrist. It was a bracelet he had worn ever since Ron had given it to him on their honeymoon. And Ron knew it was etched with the name Leo. He was in the 15 year topless teens back of the bar, near the door. There was a part of him that feared if he moved closer, too close nude 15 years movie that Leo would disappear. So he watched him. Leo wasn't his server. But when Leo caught his eyes across the bar, he stared at him for a very long moment. Then Leo turned to the girl approaching the bar, said something to her and pointed at him. The girl came back to his table. "Can I help you? Do you need another beer?" Ron shook his sex 16years head. 10-16 years sex fuck He couldn't speak right away. Leo was still watching porno girls 16 years him but not as though he knew him. His look was concerned, as if he was worried something was wrong. "I'm fine, everything's fine." He said finally, then left soon after. He didn't 13 year old incest know what to think. How could Leo not recognize him? There was nothing different about him. He wore khaki shorts little pussy 14 years and a loose, untucked tropical-print shirt he'd picked up at one of the touristy shops in Thunder Key, but other than that, he was the same Ron on the outside; the same man Leo had married. It was inside where he had changed. Was it really Leo? He was afraid to find out, afraid to lose him all over again. He spent hours walking the blustery night, his mind filled with questions he was afraid to ask. Was he losing his mind? Was the man a figment of his imagination, a ghost walking through the nightmare his life had become since the stormy night his love's car had gone over the bridge? If it was Leo, how had 15 year girl nude he come here? Why had he disappeared? How could he have done this to his own friends and to him - his husband? He dreamed of him that second night. In his dream they were driving through an autumn forest in upstate New York, enjoying the fall leaves. It was something they'd actually done on their six-month anniversary -- before everything had 14-year-old boy nude gone wrong. Except, in his dream, when he glanced from the road to look at Leo's handsome, vibrant, laughing face and reached out to touch him, the seat beside him was suddenly empty. Leo vanished right before his eyes. He woke, gasping for air, sweating. The next day, he arrived at the Shark and 12 years sex pics Fin earlier than usual. porno 12 year old Leo wasn't there. The bar was almost empty. It was early afternoon and outside the August sun bore down on the blazing-white beach. Vacationers straggled along the shore, carrying towels and bottles of lotion and sun umbrellas. Thunder Key was a small off beat island, one of the least-visited of the Florida Keys, overshadowed by its more trendy cousins -- Key Largo and Key West. It boasted a quaint dot of a town off Route 1, the Overseas Highway linking the chain of naked 14years teens coral islands to the mainland. The relative quiet, compared to more fashionable destinations, was what had appealed to Leo for their honeymoon. Thunder Key was small, artsy, homey. There was only one hotel, and it was one of the few islands that actually maintained more permanent residents in the summer than tourists. The Shark and Fin was an outpost of local color, down a nameless road at the far end of the island. Over a humpback bridge, the Bahamian-style building suddenly appeared on the beach as if it had emerged from the sea. Colorful fish, bright moons and carefree slogans -- like, This Is As Dressed Up As I Get! and I'm So Gay! -- were painted on the walls. People walked in barefoot. Leo had discovered the bar on the last day of their honeymoon and he had loved it instantly. This is what the Keys are all about, Leo had told him. Let's throw it all away and open a bar of our own. We could be happy here, you'll see. No stress, no smog, no cell phones or computers or fax machines. Just you and me. Now here he was. No cell phone. No computer. And unbelievably, Leo teen 14 years sex was here too. "Can I get you anything?" Jarred from his memories, Ron looked up at the owner of the voice. He was a young guy. He had longish blond hair, a scruffy chin and an apron around his waist. Ron had seen him come back and forth from the kitchen the past few nights. He figured he was the cook. Although Shark and Fin had a typical Keys menu of fried fish sandwiches, hand-cut fries, conch fritters and teen 16 years porno chowder, 16 years porn fuck Ron ordered a beer. When fourteen year old strips the guy came back, he stopped him. "I was wondering." He began, "who owns this place?" "Morris Singer." The guy gave him a look. "Is there a problem? You need to talk to Morris? He's out 14years nude girls west, with his daughter. Leo's in charge while he's gone, but Leo's not downstairs yet." "He lives over the bar?" Ron guessed. He hadn't realized there was an apartment over the bar. Then it hit him. "Leo? His name is Leo?" He heard a rushing sound in his head, realized it was his pulse pounding. He hadn't imagined it. It was Lo, with his teens nude 17 years scar and his bracelet and his crooked Leo smile... The cook's brow furrowed and when he spoke Ron heard him as if he was very far away. "That's right." The cook crossed his arms. "Is something wrong?" "No, nothing's wrong." Everything was wrong. Ron's mind reeled. Leo. "Leo. Is 15 years teen pics he -- How long has he been here? Do you know where he's from? Do you know..." The guy cut him off. "Hey, do you know him or something?" He sounded protective, fierce. His nudes 12 years galleries whole face turned cold. Ron backtracked. "I was just curious." He had to think fast. Leo hadn't recognized him -- or at least porno 16year he 14 years porn photo had seemed not to have recognized him. He should play casual, but he was still having a hard time thinking. "I was... He's a very attractive man. I'm here on vacation. I thought..." "You thought wrong." "Can you tell me his last name?" He still couldn't believe it. Leo. Alive. Here. "I don't give out personal information about Leo." The cook gave him a look, then turned around and walked away. Realizing that the staff of the Shark and Fin were going to be dead end in terms of learning about Leo, Ron went into town. Blocks of crisscrossing, narrow, palm-shaded residential streets surrounded the backbone of the tiny Key, the main road that led to the Overseas Highway. He asked careful questions at the small grocery store, the bank, the post office, the tourist office, the library and the Cuban coffeehouse. He learned he went by the name Leo Wells, that 13 year teen porn Morris Singer was trying to sell the Shark and Fin so he could move 14-16 old year porn to New Mexico and be with his grandkids and nude under 13 yearsold that Leo Wells had been working for him for more than a year. It was apparent Leo had quickly become sex 14 years well liked on Thunder Key, and personal questions about him were not welcomed. He pretended he was interested in the Shark and Fin. He was a businessman from New York, he told them, and he was looking to invest in a business in the Keys. Talk to Leo, they said. He 14 year teen pics could put him in touch with Morris. Ron wasn't ready to talk to Leo yet. He was afraid to talk to him, still afraid he would break the spell and Leo would disappear. But he had to know more about him, so he followed him. He found that in the mornings Leo ran teens nude 15year on the beach. Like most residents he walked on the two-mile-wide island. Then he went into town and purchased a café con leche at the Cuban coffeehouse. One morning, Leo went into a boardwalk boutique, part of a circle of shops surrounding a shady courtyard. He discovered Leo sold some his designs there. He was still making one-of-a-kind clothes sexy dresses, barely-there tops, wild-print shorts and pants. He found he made jewelry now, too. Shell necklaces and beaded bracelets. According to the locals, his work was popular with tourists. Leo spent the rest of his time at the Shark and Fin. This was his new life, the one he year 2000 girls xxx had taken up after disappearing over a bridge eighteen months ago. This was Leo Wells who didn't recognize Ron Bradshaw. He left town and went back to the Shark and Fin. They 14year girl nude were busy, but Ron wasn't going to sit in the back this time. He took the last open place at the bar. When the cook came out of the kitchen, he wiped his hands on his aprons and said porno - 17 years something to Leo that Ron couldn't hear. It was then young pussy 14 years that Leo looked down the teen porn 15 years bar toward Ron. Tonight he wore a 15 years girl nudism fitted yellow shirt and blue loose-fitting cotton pants. They 16 years nude download were probably Leo's design. He walked toward girl 14 years xxx him. "Can I help you?" Ron's mouth went dry, his heart constricted. Leo's voice; husky and sweet. Leo. He had to force himself to speak, to pussy 14 year risk breaking the magic spell or dream or fantasy -- whatever it was that had brought Leo back into his life. He had to find out if he was real. "Hello, Leo." He managed to speak in a steady voice. Leo didn't vanish. But his face held no expression as he stared at him. "Would you like a beer?" Leo's eyes were wide open, the same as before. No recognition. He had to know. "Do you remember..." His heart was in his throat. "Remember what?" Leo sounded confused. "" He finished quietly. "Um, I saw you here the other night." His voice wavered into wariness. "A couple of nights, actually." Ron felt like he had fourteen year old titties been pretteen 12 year old kicked in the stomach and at the same time as if the world was opening up all over again. "You want a beer?" Leo asked again. "No." Leo started to go away. "Wait." Leo's shoulder's tensed. He turned back. The noise of people talking, glasses clinking, seemed to teen pics 15 years fade into the background. "I just...want to talk to you" he said. "I don't have time to talk." Leo gave a pointed glance around the bar. "Then pussy 14 years free maybe we can talk after you close. What time is that?" "I can't." Leo said. "I go to bed then." "Then in the morning." he countered. "I'll run with you." Leo's eyes narrowed. "How do you know that I run in the morning?" "I've seen you." "Look-" Leo said, his eyes cool. "I don't know what you are thinking, but I'm not interested." "If you don't know what I'm thinking, how do you know you are not interested?" "Johnny told me -- He said you were asking questions about me. That you said I was..." "Attractive." Ron 14years old nude supplied. Leo shrugged. He had to speak. "Give me a few minutes, that's all. I need 14-15 years porn to talk to you." he persisted. "I can't." "Why not?" In Manhattan, he would have walked away a long time ago. He never asked a man out twice if he rebuffed him. He wasn't a pursuer. 14-15 years teen erotic But he couldn't walk away from Leo. He knew little -- actually, nothing -- about memory loss. He had called 16year upskirt home his sister Jen's husband, Mitch Dale the day before. Mitch was a physician. He had been surprised by Ron's questions but had answered them in a general way. Memory loss could be physical or psychological: short term, or long term: permanent or temporary. Forcing too much information too soon on the patient could be dangerous. But Mitch was a pain spe******t, not a psychiatrist, he reminded Ron. He didn't have all the answers. Why the questions? Mitch had asked. But Ron had hung up without answering. He had asked Mitch not to tell Jen about the phone call. He wasn't ready to tell anybody about Leo. "I don't date." Leo said finally. "Why not?" He kept his tone light. Leo tucked his hair behind his ear. He recognized the familiar gesture. He was making Leo nervous. "I'm straight, all right?" Ron burst out laughing. "I don't think so." he said. His mind rushed with images. Leo playing footsie with him in front of the fire -- wearing nothing but socks. Leo pulling him behind a barn for a roll in 14year naked teen gallery the hay -- at a farm where they had stopped for a sexe 14 years pedo wagon ride. Leo moaning during sex -- at his parents' home. He was the most uninhibited, passionate sex partner he'd ever had. "Who are you?" Leo demanded now, and the look in his eyes stopped him short. Fear. 13 years teen pussy Leo was afraid - of what? Him? He felt cold all 15 years teenager naked over. What the hell happened that night he had gone over that bridge? Why had he been there? He had never understood that. Leo had been on a highway he didn't normally travel, on a trip he had told no one about, carrying divorce papers he would never have signed. It had just been one of the many strange, horrible things about Leo's death. Finding the car had taken them two harrowing days. Inside, they had discovered Leo's wallet, with his wedding ring tucked into a side pocket, and divorce papers inside a briefcase -- but no body. They said Leo's body had been washed away in the rain-swollen river. The search had gone on for interminable days, but divers had found nothing. Leo had no family. The people from his design studio, already devastated by the recent loss of another artist in the co-op, had 14 year pussy held a small memorial service. Ron had told no one about the divorce papers. His family's relationship 15 years non nude with Leo had been difficult 14 year girls pic enough while he had been alive. There was no point in making it worse after his death. But he wasn't dead. "I'm Ron." He said watching Leo. Nothing. Still not a flicker. "Ronald Bradshaw." "Well, nice to meet you, Ronald Bradshaw." Leo said, "but if you don't mind, we are busy tonight." He turned away. Ron let him go because he had no choice. He couldn't tell him the truth yet. Leo wasn't ready. Leo didn't know him. He couldn't just waltz in here and claim Leo like a caveman throwing his woman over his shoulder. But he wasn't leaving either. ************** Leo laced up nude 12 years teens his family 13 year porno morning shoes on the stoop outside the back door of the Shark and Fin. Dawn was breaking over the Atlantic. The sun shone a muted blue-gold through the morning clouds. It was chilly this early, but soon it would be hot. The beach was quiet, empty. He loved this time of day, loved this beach, loved his life on Thunder Key. He never wanted to leave, and he could only wonder, if he dared, what had taken him so long to get here. But he didn't dare. He just lived his life, one day at a time. Thunder 12 year sex girl Key was his heart and soul -- the endless water, sun, sand, the laidback life style and friendly people. Thunder Key was his home, and the people here his family. It was all he knew. And as if he had come desperate, thirsting, straight from the desert, he drank in what the quaint 16 years old fucked island offered. There was not a second of the past eighteen months on Thunder Key that was not stored precisely, vividly in his memory. Which made the fact that he could remember nothing before then that much more startling. Do you remember me? The man's face leaped into his mind. Did he remember him? How could he forget him? Square jaw, intense blue eyes, nudeteens of 13 years planted cheeks, thick dark hair and a gorgeous, sexy dimple he had glimpsed when Ron had laughed. He was tall, wide shouldered and wealthy, too, he guessed. Ron had the bearing of a man accustomed to ordering the world to do his bidding. He had asked around and learned he was pic sex 17 years staying in a bungalow at the White Seas Hotel, indefinitely. The attraction had been instant, like being hit by a tidal wave. He had looked across the bar and his heart had gone wild, thumping and pounding. teens 10 years porno He'd had the insane urge to leap over the bar, throw himself into his arms and... What? The same way he'd known instant attraction, he had known instant fear, though he had no idea why. But if he had learned anything in the past eighteen months, it had been to go with his instincts. His instincts were all he had. For example, he didn't like peas. 15 year old nude Cats made him sneeze. And the heart-stoppingly sexy man from the White Seas was dangerous. So he had schooled his features to reflect nothing 10 years old fuck of his thoughts, and he had stayed as far away from Ron as possible. Quickly, he looked around now and was relieved to see no one. Ron knew he ran in the mornings, he had told him that. I need to talk to you. Leo didn't want to talk to him. He shouldn't talk to him. He stood, shoes laced tightly, images flashing through his mind. The man from the night from -- smiling, watching, mixed with other, stranger images of the same man, another time, another place -- then he was gone and there were no more images, only sensations, sounds. They were the markers of his panic attacks. He'd had attacks like this before -- both sleeping and walking -- but not for a while. They had been so painful, so terrifying, that at first he'd thrown up after them. Then he'd learned to block them. He had stopped trying to remember the past. And the panic attacks had vanished. But they were back. Rushing wind. Cold. Darkness. Screaming -- his own. Pain streaked through his temples, almost bending his double. He couldn't give in to it. He forced himself to straighten, to walk. Then run, run. Breathe. Run. He had been a runner in his life before Thunder pedo 14 years nude Key; he knew that. He could run for miles. It was his salvation from the past. pussy photo 14 year He reached the packed wet sand and he immediately found 50 years old porn the contact soothing. He loved to run right along the shoreline. The faster he ran, the faster he could shut down the haunting bits of the past that never came together, only remained in shards that stabbed at her mind. Somehow the man from the bar had brought the past crashing down on him again. Was that why he was dangerous? Did he remind him of someone from his past? Or was he someone from his past? Birds wheeled overhead, their calls breaking the still morning air. He was alone, all alone, but in his head the haunting wind and screams played on. Sometimes he was 16 years porn xxx afraid he was going crazy. I know who you are, the voice said. Who was he? Run, run, run. Before his head exploded. I know what naked 14yearold pussy you've done. What terrible thing had he done? Why? What kind of person was he? boy 10 year pics Did he even want to know? Leo ran faster, 15 years porn pics faster. Running was the first thing he remembered. Pitch-black, lights flashing past, air, just air, and he was dropping, dropping, dropping, dropping. Water. Pain. But not so terrible. No, he could move. He could run. The trucker who had picked him up from the side of the highway had worn a green-checkered shirt and faded blue jeans with a hole over one knee. He had a round, easy face and kind eyes. "I'm naked 16-year-old pics going south." the trucker had said. "Me too." he'd answered. "Thunder Key." Where had that come from? pedoporn childrens 12 years He hadn't even known where Thunder Key was located. It had come out of nowhere and it had actually scared him, virgin porn 13 years but everything had scared him that night, so he hadn't let that stop him. He'd been damp, bruised, shaken. Barely dawn, and he hadn't known how long he'd been running. "You got a name?" the trucker had asked. He hadn't known what to say. The trucker had reached over, and in the glow of the rig's dash, had touched the bracelet on his arm. "Leo." He'd read the engraved letters. "You got a last name?" They'd passed an interstate sign: Wells, 1 Mile. He'd had a road atlas. In the index, he'd found Thunder Key, part of the chain if islands free 18year old porn that appeared like an afterthought on the tip of the Florida coast. The trucker had taken him as far as South Carolina. He'd given him money for a bus ticket from Charleston. He'd insisted. "A young man like you shouldn't be hitching." he said. He'd made the teenpics 14-16 year trucker give him his home address and promised to send him money. And he'd sent it a month later, after he'd gotten his first paycheck from the Shark and Fin. He'd met Morris on the beach the day he'd arrived on Thunder Key. He'd been sitting on a bench, just staring out at the vast coast of clear water. "Are you lost?" he'd asked him. "No. I think I'm found." He was where he'd meant to go. That was all he knew. Then Morris had asked him if he needed a job; a place to live. He didn't care where Leo came from. litle girles porno 14years At a trim and vigorous sixty, the slightly balding bar owner didn't like to talk about his past, but Leo knew he'd been in prison. He was reformed, Morris told him. Morris had started life over in Thunder Key. Leo knew Morris must have still had connections. He'd offered to help him dig into his past after he confided in him that he'd lost his memory. And one day he'd shown up with an array of identification for Leo Wells. "In case you ever need it." Morris had told him. Leo hadn't liked taking the false ID, but he hadn't wanted to hurt Morris' feelings. He'd done so much for him. So he had put the documents away in a drawer. Recently, Morris had reconciled with the family from which he'd been long estranged. Leo missed him, and he wondered what the future held for him. For eighteen months he'd been happy here. Now, Morris was selling the bar and a stranger was watching him. And the panic attacks were 12 years fucking back. He stopped running when he came to the public beach and the parking lot outside the community center. From there he walked up Thunder Key's main street, letting his breathing slow as he headed 13-17years girls xxx photos for the coffeehouse. The town was quiet in the early 10-14 years girl pics mornings. In the distance he could see a car or two on the Overseas Highway. Most drivers kept right on going, heading for the hotspots of the other islands where they could find more exciting attractions and happier nightlife. Thunder Key suited Leo just fine. Just as he'd known it would. He had his breathing and his nerves under control by the 17 year old naturist time he reached the counter inside the just-opened-for-the-day coffeehouse. Hi, Viv." he said. "Got my café con leche ready?" "Of course." Vivan Ramon said, her rough smoker's voice softened by her smile and the youthful sparkle in her eyes that belied the silver, threading through her swing of rich black hair. Her husband 14 years old sex was a sail maker, and Viv ran La Creca, the island's only coffeehouse. If Morris was like a father to Leo, then Viv was like a mother. His real parents were dead. He just knew that without question. Just like he knew that he was gay. Like Morris, Viv didn't ask too many questions. But Leo knew she worried about him. Viv wanted him to see a doctor. Like Morris, he'd offered to help Leo find out about his past. So far, Leo held back. He was afraid -- of what, he didn't know. But he knew his past held pain, and that was enough to stop him from seeking answers. 16years anal He wasn't ready, he'd told them both. Maybe he'd never be ready. "Here you go, honey." Viv said, handing porn 14 years girls the sweet hot espresso across the counter. Then she was looking beyond Leo. "I'll have what he's having." Leo nearly leaped out of his skin, but managed to stay very still. Then slowly, he forced himself to turn. "Good morning." Ron said, and his smile suggested he didn't have pictures 12year sex a care in the world. He must have 12 years kiddy porn come in behind him, but Leo hadn't seen him outside. How had he missed him? How had he missed, for even a second, those intense, dangerous blue eyes of his? He was so devastatingly present, so vivid, just as he had been in the bar the night before. Leo wanted to hate him. The reaction was strong, visceral. He couldn't explain it. He wanted to nonude 13 years say something horrible and rude. He wanted to shout at him. Go away. But it was hard to think -- mush less speak -- with his throat blocked by his heart. "Fancy meeting you here. Ronald: Ronald Bradshaw. From the bar." Ron clarified unnecessarily. Leo finally found his tongue. "Yes, of course. Ronald." His name came across his lips smoothly, and he felt very strange, shivery as he said it. He porn 10 years old picked up his coffee and avoided meeting Viv's eyes, though he didn't miss the curious look on his friends face. When Viv wasn't offering to set him up with a physician, she was offering to set him up on a date. And when she'd learned that Leo was gay, she had made it her mission to find him a boyfriend. But Leo wasn't ready for that, either. He had rebuffed Viv's every well-intentioned attempt. And he'd had no regrets. His heart had felt so dead all this time. But right now, his heart was hammering like mad. "I need to talk to you." the man named Ronald said. Then, "Thank you," to Viv, taking 13 years pussypics the second cup she handed across the counter. "I don't see what we have to talk..." Leo began then stopped short. As he watched him, Ronald paid for both their coffee, he realized suddenly that, while he had been watching him, Ronald had paid for both coffees. "No." he said sharply, pulling himself together. "I don't want you to..." "It's no problem," Ron said. "Forget it." Leo pulled out the exact change he carried with him tgp 16 year in the pocket of his windbreaker every morning and placed it on the counter. He barged past Ron toward the door. A woman came through the door, a small black poodle on a leash at her side. Leo, limbs trembling for no good reason, strode blindly, wanting -- needing -- to get out of the suddenly too small coffeehouse. And tripped over the dog. The poodle yelped, Leo went down and coffee flew everywhere. "Fuck!" He flanged his hand to shake off some of 12 year old bukkake the coffee still on it. "I'm so sorry." he apologized pretending 13 year old kids the coffee hadn't burned the hell out of his fingers. "Are you alright?" Ronald was instantly at his side. Viv handed him towels. She already had a mop. The woman with the poodle was wiping her sleeve where some coffee had splattered her. The poodle sixteen years girl porn yipped and danced, it's perfectly painted toenails clattering on the tile floor. "I'm fine. I'm sorry." Leo said to Viv. "I'll pay your cleaning bill." he told the woman. "Send it to me at the Shark and Fin. I'm sorry." he said again, in general. Then he was on his feet and hit the door without another word. He was on the sidewalk before he knew it. "Wait." "Not a chance." "You should take care of those hands," Ron said. "They blister." Ron caught up with him, his strides somewhat longer than Leo's. He could run, but he'd just bet Ron would keep with him. "They are fine. I'm fine." He refused 16 years old cumshot to look at Ron, but he was aware of him just the same. He even smelled good, damn him; soapy, musky, and all male. Danger, danger, danger. Red lights, stop signs, railroad crossing bars. He had to get away from Ronald. "Would you slow down?" He whirled. "Would you stop following me?" he demanded. "Didn't I make it clear last night that I don't want to talk to you?" "If you don't talk to me, then how is Morris going to sell me his bar?" Ron answered matter-of-factly. For a minute, Leo could only stare at him. "You are interested in the bar?" Could he be a bigger idiot? He thought of how he'd behaved in the coffeehouse, 13 years boys nudes how he'd raced out of there. He's been practically in frenzy. "I'm sorry." He said. "It's just..." How did he explain? He girls 13 years nudes was a stranger. He didn't even tell his -- brief -- life story to people he saw every day. Viv and Morris were the only ones who knew the whole story. Even Jonny, the cook at the Shark and Fin, only knew part of it. "Just what?" Ron 12year porn pics prompted. "You remind me of someone." He said finally. "I don't..." This question terrified him. What if Ronald didn't just reminded 12 yeard girl fucking him of someone? What if Ronald 14 year girls porn was someone he'd known? Unable to avoid it any longer, he asked, "I don't know you, do I?" He felt as if his stomach had fallen to his feet while he waited.
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